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We like to share, and some of our members during our coming out week in February have decided to share their story. We hope their stories help others in what can be for some people a difficult time.

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Jay’s Story

So I first realised I was Gay 2 years ago when I was 17. I was really scared and in denial at first. There were a lot of things giving me signals but I didn’t want to accept it. I first came out to my best friend Georgia she was my absolute rock and...

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Oliver’s Story

Hey I’m Oliver, I’m from a Roman Catholic family and I came out at 12 but not on purpose, I told someone who told someone else until I got back to my mother and father, my mother thought it was an April Fools joke and I think she still does, she’s never...

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Greg’s Story

My story is a fairy tale story. I came out at sixteen and all of my friends and family were and still are incredibly supportive. I feel blessed.

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Carly’s Story

To be honest, I only really came out today, I'm having such an awful time right now, currently with a male partner, who knew from the start that I'm bi, but recently I've developed feelings for a friend and I just couldn't take it anymore. So I finally...

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Dave’s Story

I came out in 1990 when I was nineteen. It was so much different back then than it is now. But my experience was a positive one, even though I didn't feel like it would be at the time.

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Jamie’s Story

When I was at School, I went out with this girl and I was confused about my sexuality before going out with her so I'd thought I'd try it and see where it leads. When she dumped me, I knew what I was but I was scared of telling anyone due to their...

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Tom’s Story

My names Tom, everybody loves me, well the odd person hates me but theyre just wrong. Coming out in hinckley was a very difficult experience, I was pretty much outed, and I denied it for the first two years. Then highschool started and I got bullied a lot....

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Robbie’s Story

I am an 18 year old gay lad that is out and proud! I started having feeling of being gay when I was around about 8 years old, and I realised that I had feelings for boys, I remember sitting there and watching Eastenders and seeing Jack Branning...

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Jon’s Story

My story begins when I was seeing a guy, I must have been 18. And we had been together at that point for a few weeks. We had then stopped talking and then it turns out he had outed me to my siblings who was friends of a friend. My brother confronted me...

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Caz’s Story

As a child in the 1980s and '90s, it was made clear to me by the media that to be anything other than straight was not normal and was not desirable.  I remember Justin Fashanu coming out - and I remember his own brother saying he wouldn't want...

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Alice’s Story

Okay my coming out story, don't really know where to start! I'm Alice, I'm 17 and I've liked girls for as long as I can remember, I had crushes on girls at school and on TV when I was tiny, although I didn't actually register that they were crushes,...

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Josh’s Story

I came out on my 21st birthday and I received a lot of surprised comments from both gay and straight communities as to why I came out so late. Firstly it took me a while to recognise I was gay. It isn’t something that hits you immediately and...

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