We now offer C-Card

We now offer C-Card, this is a card that gives anyone quick and easy access to free condoms from a range of venues. You can get free condoms & lube using your card anywhere you see the C-Card logo as well in the below locations:

Asda Pharmacy – Barwell Lane, Hinckley
Boots – Britannia Centre, Hinckley
Hollycroft Pharmacy, 1 Clifton Way, Hinckley
Harrowbrook Campus NWHC, Nuffield Road, Hinckley
Hinckley Campus NWHC, Hinckley Road, Hinckley
Also, at our Social Meet ups events (Starting 5th October 2019)

You can order a C-Card from our website by filling in the form on this page. It takes only a few minutes and we will post out your card with your first pack. Then you will be able to use your C-Card anywhere as well as get more packs from our social meetings.