The rise in HIV

I was reading an article a few weeks ago and I keep going back and reading it as what I read hadn’t quite sunk in. Whilst the national average of HIV infections is decreasing as a whole only Leicestershire saw a rise in diagnosis in 2018 by 3%. Is this because our services are underfunded and stretched in our area and resources aren’t getting to the people who need them? Or is it that our area understands that regular testing is necessary if you’re seeing multiple sexual partners.

We do have some great organisations out there in Leicestershire such as Trade Sexual health and Leicester sexual health who support the LGBT community and alias. When we started out on social media and the website our key value was to make a safe place for our community. This was achieved using peer support and sharing experiences through our coming out stories and more recently through our social meetups. We want to continue our work on making this a safe community and we believe our next step is regarding sexual health, but we do need your help.

What Can I do?

On the 9th August, we are holding a 24 Hour race and our team our raising money to fund projects such as our “Get Protected” project. The money raised will fund this project and others like it to help our community to be safe. Our get protected project will offer everyone regardless of age, background, gender and sexuality access to free safer sex equipment. (e.g. Condoms, Lube etc)

Using Condoms is still the most effective way of defending yourself against HIV and other sexually transmitted infections. So we ask that you kindly donate and support our ongoing work. You can do this by clicking on the donate now button which will take you to our just giving page.