Lights out and away we go…

We are holding a 24-hour race at the famous Circuit de la Sarthe made famous for the le mans 24 hour race. But we will be putting our little spin to the race. we won’t be going to France to drive around this circuit. But on a simulator for 24 hours and if that was a challenge on it’s own will also need to be aware of car damage, tyre degradation and fueling.

The lights are set to go out at 9pm on 9th August and you will be able to watch our live stream, we will ensure you will be able to get to the stream easily from our website and of course, we will be keeping you posted on our social media too!

So why do we need the money? for us to keep expanding we will need to raise some funds. We have wanted to do so much and with your help, we will be able to give Hinckley the support and resources it needs. Currently, all of our support work has been paid for by our founder and from our sponsors.

We are super excited about this challenge, we will be racing with a DS3 in our LGBT+ Hinckley branding. Please donate now on our Just Giving page, you can do this by clicking donate now.

The Get Protected Project

One of the exciting projects we would love to start is ‘get protected’ this will ensure that anyone with the LGBT+ Hinckley area would be able to gain access for free protection for safer sex regardless of age, gender & sexuality.
The community will be able to order their supplies on our website if the project secures enough funding. Once they have placed their order they will be able to post the items direct to their home address. The pack would be discreet so if the pack is going to a home address where the member still lives with parents/ guardians it won’t give anything away of its contents. Inside the pack would be Condoms (& Lube if required) as well as a note about sexual health and how our work is funded.
The project will be funded purely by donations and grants from the start and moving on into the future. The project is expected to cost £280 and this would be able to help 140 people in our community alone.

So why sexual health so important to us?

Almost everyone will get an STI at some time in their life and most effective way of protecting yourself from sexually transmitted infections is by using a condom. Please donate what you can today to help us raise money for this project.