Sun, Sea & Sex

There are several factors to consider when it comes to practising safer sex and being on holiday. People generally go on holiday to have a good time, relax, let their hair-down and try new experiences.  We might lose some of the inhibition’s we would normally have at home this factored in with perhaps drinking or using other substances may mean that the choices we would normally make around sex could be compromised.

Along with the usual pre-holiday preparations, it’s a good idea to factor in safer sex and think about all the essentials you might need. Before you go away get stocked up on condoms, lube, and any other safer- sex necessities most of which are available free in a variety of sizes & latex-free etc from Trade sexual health, please see the link below.

It is safer to carry any medication in your hand luggage and in its original packaging ideally with your name on the labeling to identify it as being prescribed to you. When buying travel insurance check to see that it covers travel insurance and what it covers, sexual health support can sometimes be overlooked when considering what we might need it for but could be very useful (and cut down on cost) if support, screening, prescribing, or contraception is needed whilst still on holiday.

Whilst on holiday remember to also store your safe-sex items carefully and away from direct heat as this can compromise their effectiveness. If you run out and/or buy condoms abroad remember to look out for the ‘CE’ marking this means the product meets the safety standards required in Europe.