Mattie’s Story

My coming out story was not going to be the norm, for many of my teenage years I battled as to whether to tell people and when I was ready to, I absolutely had to do it before my 18th Birthday, I had decided to play a game. Mom and I when growing up played board games when nothing good was on TV. I thought right we can play ‘Hangman’. This way I could gauge if my mom had a clue or was clueless, I could see in her body language if she was okay or not okay.

So I plucked up the courage to ask her to sit down with me and play hangman.
The first couple of rounds I kept it open and not really relatable to my sexuality (when I think back now) but then moved swiftly onto those three words that could change everything. The unknown, the dread, the weight I had on my shoulders, so here I go. Now for each letter my mom guessed she waited until guessing the letter ‘y’. I now know she did it because she wanted it all spelt out rather than guessing.

She knew this had meant a lot to me and was patient. I then spoke the three words… “I am gay”. As soon as the words came out my mom looked at me and said “Thank you for letting me know, give me a hug and a kiss… I’ll go put the kettle on and we can talk about it more if you want, I absolutely have your back, your my son, my world and I love you.

All I want is for you to find love and be happy being you. Who you fall in love with is your choice, all I want is you to be happy my darling.

We had a cup of tea and life continued. No drama, no chaos, no judgement… just a listening ear, love and support.