International Trans Day of Visibility

Sunday 31st March is International Trans* Day of Visibility (TdoV). The goal of today is to bring the accomplishments of Trans* people into the spotlight and combating cissexism. The theme of TdoV this year is #MoreThanVisibility meaning that this year we want to do more than ever to combat transphobia and discrimination.

Most if not all Trans* people have experienced transphobia in some form, whether through physical violence, cyber bullying or even legal attacks on their rights such as these anti-transgender bathroom discrimination laws currently being passed in certain parts of America. These things are mainly caused by ignorance. People are needlessly afraid of Trans* people, so much so that now after decades of sharing bathrooms with them, people have decided that they no longer want to because politicians have lied and claimed that we are sex offenders. There has been no incident to spark these witch hunts, no attacks or assaults in bathrooms by Trans* people, just prejudice. Now many Trans* people across America will have to either break the law or use the wrong bathroom, putting themselves in danger by massively drawing attention to themselves and risking harassment, physical violence or worse.

So what can you do? Simply supporting Trans* people, spreading a positive message for the day, using the hashtag #tdov on social media all helps to raise the visibility of the Trans* community. With visibility comes awareness, with awareness comes understanding and with understanding comes acceptance.