Jamie’s Story

When I was at School, I went out with this girl and I was confused about my sexuality before going out with her so I’d thought I’d try it and see where it leads. When she dumped me, I knew what I was but I was scared of telling anyone due to their reactions.
I was sat in my living room with my entire family and my sister asked me if I was gay or straight and at that point, it was the right thing to do and tell them that I was gay.
Their reactions weren’t bad and they just said if your gay, your gay and we all don’t care who you are, we all love you the same but be careful when you meet someone etc…
But from that day on, I’m enjoying life and I’m happy to be who I am and you shouldn’t be ashamed of who you are.
It may be scary at first to come out but when you do, it’s the happiest feeling you’ll ever get.
There are support from LGBT Communities and places you can go to get help and we are all here to support each other.
So there’s my coming out story.
Thanks for reading