Robbie’s Story

I am an 18 year old gay lad that is out and proud! I started having feeling of being gay when I was around about 8 years old, and I realised that I had feelings for boys, I remember sitting there and watching Eastenders and seeing Jack Branning I realised I was confused about who I was, when I went to high school I was out as Bisexual and thought I’m young and I can experiment, I was in a relationship with a girl and when it got to doing anything flirtatious I felt uncomfortable, when things led to another something happened that made me assured about who I was, I was confused but it was a blur that was coming clear, I then had a kiss with a lad and the happiness and excitement that rushed through me was overwhelming, I felt happier with just a lone kiss than I was with a whole relationship, I had found who I was, I felt brilliant. But then it was the hardest part how do I tell my family, of recent I have managed to come out to them they are really supportive and I feel more open about telling people that I am gay and expressing myself, thank to LGBT Hinckley they helped me through this difficult time I want to thank them for all their support and I am completely and utterly grateful so thank you.