Jon’s Story

My story begins when I was seeing a guy, I must have been 18. And we had been together at that point for a few weeks. We had then stopped talking and then it turns out he had outed me to my siblings who was friends of a friend.

My brother confronted me about this and at the time I didn’t feel ready and neither was he. Being 16 he was very immature and having to share a room he thought that me being Gay would mean he would be at risk. He said a lot of immature and to be quite honest homophobic stuff and we ended up moving apart and not speaking or seeing each other for several years.

I managed to keep it hidden for some time and it wasn’t until I was with my now partner that I decided I needed to come out. He had circumstances that would mean we would need to move out together and our moving date was getting ever closer. My family isn’t the most approachable so the weekend before the move date I had sent a text to them all. Explaining who I was. They didn’t text me back.

I got home later that evening and no one had said anything, It wasn’t till the next day when I started to pack a few bits I was then approached and my dad started to ask questions about my partner.