Josh’s Story

I came out on my 21st birthday and I received a lot of surprised comments from both gay and straight communities as to why I came out so late. Firstly it took me a while to recognise I was gay. It isn’t something that hits you immediately and you know, it’s something which grows and grows until it is in its fullest.

I came out late because of the catholic school I went to. There was never any discussion of being gay or living life as a gay man or woman. It was always to get married to have kids and that’s the Catholic way of life.

This was drilled into me thinking I must find a woman in my life and that’s that. No it’s no buts.

It wasn’t until I went to uni in Leicester that I realised I was gay. The heterosexual way of thinking was being broken down and I could feel myself becoming who I really was.

There is no point in your life when you should come out. It shouldn’t be within the first 18 years of your life. It’s when you feel ready and when it feels comfortable.